West Bromwich Building Society Conveyancing Panel Information

The information on this page is designed to keep solicitors and licensed conveyancers abreast of latest requirements changes by West Bromwich Building Society and to assist in remaining on the West Bromwich Building Society Approved Conveyancing Solicitors.

West Bromwich Building Society Conveyancing Panel Information:

What are the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel criteria?
Unlike the CML the Building Society Mortgage Instructions deal with this. Section A.12 states ‘In order to act on our behalf your firm or company must be a member of our conveyancing panel provided we are a society that operates one – see specific requirements for details of our arrangements. The Special Requirements state:

Generally, Firms must have at least two Partners however all Firms wishing to be admitted to the conveyancing panel should contact Mortgage Deeds Administration Department in the first instance - See E.33 below for contact details.

You must also comply with the terms and conditions of your West Bromwich Building Society solicitor panel appointment.

What obligations do I have, being on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel, to carry out a Lawyer Checker Search, an HS2 search?
West Bromwich Building Society make no specific obligation to carry out any of the searches listed. The BSA Mortgage Instructions simply states that ‘you must ensure that any other searches which may be appropriate to the particular property, taking into account its locality and other features are carried out’.

Remember that most ‘less usual searches’ (as described in the Law Society’s Conveyancing Handbook) are not optional as far as West Bromwich Building Society are concerned if they are ‘appropriate’. Most lenders will not require environmental searches (you should Check the West Bromwich Building Society Specific Requirements of BSA Handbook to be sure), but you are obliged to explain risks and availability to the borrower.

Ground stability, Plansearch,flood searches as well as the searches listed in the question are optional – but only to the extent that you have allowed the borrower client to make an informed choice. Regardless of whether there is a mortgage, If you have not advised the client that these (and other) searches are available and what risks they cover, then you will be liable if the client suffers loss through not conducting one.

Why are Estate Agents using search tools to check if lawyers are on a lenders conveyancing panel ?
Many estate agents will be feeling the pain if their clients start out on the conveyancing process having appointed a solicitor who is not on the panel with the purchaser’s chosen lender. Many conveyancing firms are only discovering when they begin working on a case that they are no longer able to work with that lender. Given the inevitable resultant delays in the transaction the chances of an abortive deal increases dramatically. in the circumstances there is understandable anguish on the part of the estate agent as a result of the lost time should the client have to change solicitors lawyers.
My client is purchasing a new build house for £825k in Cheshire with a mortgage over GBP 415k. I am on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel but do West Bromwich Building Society have a separate approved panel when a mortgage is above 300,000?
We only know of a couple of lenders that operate a separate conveyancing panel where the mortgage advance is over a certain amount. You should nevertheless check directly with West Bromwich Building Society. At one stage HSBC would only allow Sole practitioners to act for them where the mortgage was below £150,000. We are not sure if HSBC still operate such a condition. In your case it is best to check with West Bromwich Building Society
Being on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel for what period of time am I expected to archive the original conveyancing file?
The BSA Mortgage Instructions state that the firm must keep the file for at least 6 years from the date of the mortgage. Data imaging is normally suitable compliance with this requirement. As a firm on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel you must allow West Bromwich Building Society to conduct such reasonable audit of your information security measures as West Bromwich Building Society or their agents may to ensure your compliance with your file retention obligations.
Why has the Building Society Association introduced differing instructions from the CML?
The BSA introduced it’s Mortgage Instructions in 2010 to ensure that licensed conveyancers or solicitors on a building society conveyancing panel had full access to a complete set of standardised mortgage instructions.
Prime Professional’s PII renewal form enquires if my practice had been excluded from any lender panels in the last 12 months . I recently found out that the practice is no longer on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel? Is this likely to impact my insurance?
Your insurance brokers are your best port of call to address this question. The chances are that on the basis that you have not been removed for fraud or negligence reasons that there will be little or no impact. The main reason why a firm would be removed off of a lender panel is due to low volume of conveyancing cases although there may be a number of criteria for West Bromwich Building Society solicitor panel membership. Please remember that it is always important that you complete your insurance forms accurately.
What lender panels do you receive the most questions about?
BSA lenders do not come within the top 20 lenders in terms of frequency of questions. The most popular lender panels in terms of questions are as follows:

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Average number of days to register title including a charge in favour of West Bromwich Building Society
This information relates to purchase only and not remortgages.
2022 [no data]
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2019 28.2
2018 25.7
2017 59.2
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