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BSA Designator: West Bromwich Building Society
Jurisdiction: England and Wales

The information on this page is designed to keep solicitors and licensed conveyancers abreast of latest requirements changes by West Bromwich Building Society and to assist in remaining on the West Bromwich Building Society Approved Conveyancing Solicitors.

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West Bromwich Building Society Solicitor Panel Assistance:

What are the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel criteria?
Unlike the CML the Building Society Mortgage Instructions deal with this. Section A.12 states ‘In order to act on our behalf your firm or company must be a member of our conveyancing panel provided we are a society that operates one – see specific requirements for details of our arrangements. The Special Requirements state:

Generally, Firms must have at least two Partners however all Firms wishing to be admitted to the conveyancing panel should contact Mortgage Deeds Administration Department in the first instance - See E.33 below for contact details.

You must also comply with the terms and conditions of your West Bromwich Building Society solicitor panel appointment.

I am on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel. Can I get an archived copy of West Bromwich Building Society Specific Requirements from the BSA?
The BSA, as is the case with the CML do not hold duplicates of Specific Requirements. We would advise that you contact West Bromwich Building Society directly.
I am hearing that agents are using online checkers to see if a firm is on a lender panel. Why?
The fact of the matter is that estate agents will be suffering if their clients start out on the buying process using a solicitor who is not on the panel with the purchaser’s chosen lender. Many conveyancing firms are only discovering when they begin working on a case that they are no longer able to work with that lender. Given the inevitable resultant delays in the transaction the chances of an abortive deal increases dramatically. in the circumstances there is understandable anguish on the part of the estate agent as a result of the lost time should the client have to change solicitors lawyers.
What sort of information are Lenders such as West Bromwich Building Society are asking for when it comes to applying to be on their approved solicitor list?
Although not necessarily published, lenders have varying criteria . We do not hold specific requirements relating to the questions raised as part of the application to be on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel. Typically lenders need to have full knowledge of a firm including (but not limited to):
  • Automated alerting to inform lenders when there is a fundamental change to the firm e.g. new disciplinary action
  • Full complaints history for each conveyancing solicitor
  • Number of partners per branch of the firm
  • Structure of firm and, where applicable, its group
  • Full disciplinary history for each conveyancing solicitor
  • Whether the firm has ever accepted instructions in respect of property clubs and investment schemes
  • Details of any accreditation e.g. Lexcel and/or Conveyancing Quality Scheme
  • Number of lender conveyancing panels the firm is currently on
  • Summary of annual accounts
  • House price discrepancies (declared to lender vs. registered at Land Registry)
Are the Council of Licensed Conveyancers taking any action to protect licensed conveyancers from being removed from lender panels?
The Council of Licensed Conveyancers has entered dialogue with banks and their representative bodies to see whether and how the risks that lenders wish to mitigate could be addressed through the regulatory framework rather than ad hoc arrangements that can differ from lender to lender. We expect that that the CLC have been in touch with lenders such as West Bromwich Building Society since 2008 which is when lenders started being more restrictive
Are there conditions,outside the BSA Mortgage Instructions, that a firm should be aware of when on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel?
In order to be on the West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel solicitors have to complete an application form and agree Terms and Conditions. A sample of 5 conditions that we see amongst many lenders Terms (but not necessarily West Bromwich Building Society) are as follows:
  • To be responsible for the reconstitution of the title deeds (whether the title is registered or unregistered, at your own cost), where any deeds in your possession, or were last known to be in your possession, go missing.
  • That any deeds you borrow from us in connection with the personal mortgage of a partner or director at your firm must be requested by a partner or director other than the partner or director concerned and the transaction must be handled by that other partner or director. If you are a sole practitioner and require the loan of deeds in connection with your own mortgage, you must nominate a different firm on our panel to request the deeds and handle the transaction.
  • To forward the title deeds and documents to another conveyancer within 24 hours of an instruction from us requiring you to do so. On forwarding the deeds as instructed you will confirm to us that you have done so. Upon receipt of your confirmation, we will release you from all undertakings relating to your holding the title deeds.
  • If you are a sole practitioner, to arrange for appropriate locum cover from our panel where necessary. Your locum must be a member of the Conveyancing panel.
  • To quote on all communications with us relating to registration issues, whether by telephone or in writing, the panel number that we provide for each practising address and the mortgage account or application number for the mortgage concerned.
Who do building societies allow to be on their conveyancing panel?
In the same way that there is a unique West Bromwich Building Society conveyancing panel most building societies, operate a conveyancing panel for solicitors and other conveyancers that the lender will instruct. Terms and Conditions and criteria for inclusion on a building society conveyancing panel vary from lender-to-lender. Having CQS accreditation may be a requirement.

Institutional lenders, such as a building society, is a client and is entitled to instruct the solicitor or conveyancer of its choosing (who, in turn, is free to accept or refuse instructions). Therefore, if lender and borrower cannot agree which solicitor or conveyancer should represent them jointly, they would usually proceed on a separate representation basis.

What lender panels do you receive the most questions about?
BSA lenders do not come within the top 20 lenders in terms of frequency of questions. The most popular lender panels in terms of questions are as follows:

Recent Changes Include

# Date Assoc. Changes Related To
C.12 06/04/2018 BSA
B.22 06/09/2016 BSA
E.33 22/06/2015 BSA
B.7 24/02/2014 BSA
C.2 24/02/2014 BSA
C.20 24/02/2014 BSA
D.22 24/02/2014 BSA
E.12 24/02/2014 BSA
C.27 19/06/2013 BSA
C.12 29/11/2012 BSA

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