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The information on this page is designed to keep solicitors and licensed conveyancers abreast of latest requirements changes by LiveMore and to assist in remaining on the LiveMore Conveyancing Panel.

LiveMore Solicitor Panel: Recently Asked Questions

Do LiveMore or the CML run CPD seminars for the LiveMore approved solicitor panel in much the same way that the Law Society run cases for CQS firms?
This not something that the CML would traditionally get involved with although they do organise a number of general conveyancing related conferences which are attended by firms on the LiveMore conveyancing panel. It is our intention to run specific lender focused seminars in the near future including a webinar on LiveMore’s Part 2 requirements. Law firms on the LiveMore conveyancing panel are welcome. Further details will be communicated as part of the LENDERmonitor Alerts.

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Does my firm face being suspended off the LiveMore conveyancing panel if I have not sent the TID on a purchase within a certain time frame from draw-down of funds?
You might expect LiveMore via their Part Two requirements to address this but the Handbook is silent on deadlines to send deeds. Do look at the Terms of LiveMore’s Conveyancing Panel Appointment that you entered into. For many lender's these Terms include a provision such as: ‘To keep us informed of the reasons for any delay in your being able to send the title deeds and documents we require to us within 3 months of completion or evidence of proof of registration within that period. (We will send reminders if the deeds have not been received but will not acknowledge receipt of deeds’ It is imperative to keep LiveMore informed. Law firms can often compound their problems by not communicating with the lender when there is a delay or problem.
Can you give me an example of some of the reports available via COMPLETIONmonitor to support my application to be on the LiveMore conveyancing panel ?
There are many reports available, five of which are as follows:
  • Number of conveyancing cases by lender
  • Analysis as to the nature of clients (e.g.existing/new/seen in person)
  • Average mortgage advance
  • Disclosure/Notification to Lender analysis indicating frequency and nature of disclosures - to include benchmarking analysis against aggregate data
  • Current and historic missed priority dates
My PI renewal application this year contained the following question: ‘Has your Firm been asked by a lender to agree to more onerous terms and conditions than provided for in the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook?’ My firm is on a number of bank panels including the LiveMore conveyancing panel. We have Terms and Conditions of appointment which we are duty bound to comply with. Am I supposed to mention these Conditions ?
The key here is the caveat ‘more onerous’. You have to try and take an objective view as to whether the Terms relating to the LiveMore conveyancing appointment (or other terms for other lenders) are ‘more onerous’ than the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook Conditions. Depending on the Terms you may need to provide details on your renewal form. If you are in any doubt please call your broker to discuss before moving forward on this question.
My partners and I run a small firm on the LiveMore conveyancing panel. How can we advertise our firm as conducting conveyancing in Hendon on the LiveMore panel?
5 people search for a conveyancer on the LiveMore panel each month in Hendon. Please contact the team at to see how your firm can be identified by those searching for conveyancing in Hendon.
We had our LiveMore panel membership revoked but we have not yet been given a reason as to why. I am completing a CQS application form what information should I put forward?
In the circumstances please explain on the application what steps you have taken to find out the reasons behind cancellation of your LiveMore panel membership. In particular please provide details if you have received communications from the lender. E.G. before termination of your panel membership did you receive any letters or calls from the lender informing you as to why they reached this decision?
I am on the LiveMore conveyancing panel and scheduled to complete a purchase shortly. My papers do not include a Mortgage Deed for the client to execute. Who do I contact at LiveMore to obtain duplicate documents?
You should communicate with LiveMore to obtain standard documents. The CML Handbook incorporates an express question for banks to set out who to contact to obtain standard documents. LiveMore in their Part 2’s state:
Don’t forget to quote the firm’s LiveMore conveyancing panel reference.

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