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UK Finance Designator: Halifax
Jurisdiction: England and Wales

The information on this page is designed to keep solicitors and licensed conveyancers abreast of latest requirements changes by Halifax and to assist in remaining on the Halifax Conveyancing Panel.

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Halifax Conveyancing Panel: Recently Asked Questions

my firm is on the Halifax conveyancing panel. Can I get an archived copy of a Halifax Part 2 from the CML?
The CML do not retain historic copies of P2 conditions Pre January 2011. We would recommend you make a request of Halifax directly.

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Does the fact that my firm subscribes to Alerts via this site assist in my application to join the Halifax conveyancing panel?
The criteria to join the Halifax conveyancing panel is likely to be fairly detailed and is unlikely to include signing up to LENDERmonitor alerts.
Can you suggest any advice if we wish to challenge being removed from the Halifax solicitor panel?
If you are removed from the Halifax conveyancing panel and you are unaware of or disagree with the reasons for your removal you should: (a) Contact Halifax directly. (b) If there is an appeals process detailed on your letter you should follow the process.

In appealing a decision by Halifax, it may be useful to provide the following information:

  • Comprehensive disclosure of your transaction history
  • Your COMPLETIONmonitor reports, assuming you use the Lexsure software
  • Your recent claims history
  • comprehensive details of all staff in your firm and their position.
  • Note down if a solicitor has been admitted to the role on completion of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test.
  • Forward duplicate practising certificates, the firm's current PII schedule and the firm’s accountant's certificate, calculating what percentage of the firm's gross fee income is generated from residential conveyancing transactions

On appeal some firms have been able to regain membership to panels notwithstanding the policy by the respective lenders to refuse panel membership to firms with certain profiles or characteristics. Success is primarily due to the firms’ ability to persuade the lender to make an exception if there is sufficient evidence to reassure them that the firm is well risk-managed.

Do I risk of removal off the Halifax conveyancing panel if I have not sent the TID on a purchase within a certain period of completion?
One might ordinarily expect Halifax via their Part Two conditions to address this but the Handbook is silent on time frames. Do look at the Terms of Halifax’s Conveyancing Panel Appointment that you previously signed. For many lender's these Terms include a provision such as: ‘To keep us informed of the reasons for any delay in your being able to send the title deeds and documents we require to us within 3 months of completion or evidence of proof of registration within that period. (We will send reminders if the deeds have not been received but will not acknowledge receipt of deeds’ It is important to keep Halifax informed. Law firms can often compound their problems by not communicating with the lender when there is a delay or problem.
My firm is on the Halifax conveyancing panel. I am dealing with Halifax mortgage on a purchase. My borrower client is asking not to disclose an issue to Halifax. What do I do in this conflict situation?
When a solicitor is acting for both Halifax and borrower there is potential for conflicts to arise. You owe duties to both clients. All information received by you from your client is confidential and cannot be disclosed without the client’s consent. In the situation you find yourself in if the purchaser will not consent to the information being passed on to the lender the solicitor must cease to act for the Halifax and it may well be prudent you to cease to act for the purchaser as well. You can not tell the Halifax the reason for termination of the retainer over and above the fact that a conflict has arisen. The fact that you can no longer act should alert even the most somnambulistic of lenders that something is wrong with the borrower and/or purchase. The fact that you have disinstructed yourself should not affect your Halifax conveyancing panel status.
We had our Halifax panel membership revoked but we have not yet been given an explanation yet. I am completing a CQS application questionnaire what information do I need to report?
In this situation please clarify on the form what action you have taken to discover the reasons behind cancellation of your Halifax panel membership. In particular please provide details if you have received communications from the lender. E.G. before cessation of your panel membership did you receive any letters or calls from the lender putting you on notice?
Our practice is on the Halifax conveyancing panel and scheduled to complete a purchase shortly. My papers do not include a Legal Charge for the client to execute. Who do I contact at Halifax to get a duplicate Deed?
You need to get in touch with Halifax to obtain standard documents. The The Council of Mortgage Lenders Handbook contains an express section for banks to establish who to contact to obtain standard documents. Don’t forget to quote your Halifax conveyancing panel reference.
Average number of days to register title including a charge in favour of Halifax
This information relates to purchase only and not remortgages.
2013 29.9
2012 30.5
2011 26.3
* Data aggregated from sources including COMPLETIONmonitor

Recent Changes Include

# Date Assoc. Changes Related To
6.7.1 07/03/2018 CML
10.11 28/04/2017 CML
10.2b 28/04/2017 CML
6.11.1 28/04/2017 CML Obstruction of Access Indemnity Insurance
8.1 18/04/2017 CML
10.11 12/01/2017 CML
5.1.1 24/10/2016 CML
5.13.1 26/08/2016 CML Insolvency Act Indemnity Insurance Deed of Gift Indemnity Insurance
10.2a 23/05/2016 CML
10.2b 23/05/2016 CML

Last update 10/08/2018

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