National Counties Building Society Contractor Mortgages - Help and FAQs

Here at LENDERmonitor we receive regular similar questions from visitors enquiring about whether National Counties Building Society offer contractor mortgages. We collated some of the more common contractor mortgage questions but if you have any specific questions about National Counties Building Society and contractor mortgages please complete our enquiry form and we see if we can arrange for an expert to contact you directly.

I am a finacial contractor looking to buy a home in London. My next step is to secure a mortgage ideally from National Counties Building Society. Would it be wise to contact National Counties Building Society directly or seek the assistance of a contractor specialist mortgage broker who is used to dealing with contractors and National Counties Building Society.

I’m in a bit of an onerous situation in as much as I and my partner are both self-employed (contractors) without any great accounts to show, although things are on the up I hope for this to change shortly. Basically my question for you is how hard would it be to get a 95k contractor mortgage with a lender such as National Counties Building Society?

As contractor looking for a mortgage with National Counties Building Society will they want to assess my experience, my history of contracting, the length of my current contract and the likelihood of it being renewed? If so I will start to get the paperwork together.

As a contractor (HR consultant) is it necessary for me to produce at least six months of both business and personal bank statements as part of the due diligence process for National Counties Building Society.I am not convinced that my broker is correct.

Were I to reveal to National Counties Building Society that I’m contracting, are they likely to charge me a higher rate on my home loan?

The content set out above covers to properties in England and Wales.

Find out how to order your redemption statement request from National Counties Building Society

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