Consent to Let - Birmingham Midshires Requirements

The content herein aims to help residential conveyancing practitioners on the Birmingham Midshires solicitors panel where their non-lender client wishes to rent out their property. It is not a substitute for checking the CML handbook requirements for Birmingham Midshires. The information on this page is not focused on buy-to-let requirements but is limited to situations where the borrower will need consent to let from Birmingham Midshires.

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Birmingham Midshires requirements state that if ahead of completion of the conveyancing retainer, the borrower informs you of an intention to let the property you should advise the borrower that any letting of the property is prohibited without prior consent to let from Birmingham Midshires. If the borrower wishes to let the property after completion then an application for consent to let should be made to Birmingham Midshires by the borrower.

The application for consent to letting should be made to:

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The above information covers to properties in England and Wales.

Other sites are avaialble targeted to borrowers for information and help on consent-to-let with Birmingham Midshires.

Consent-to-let requirements differ from the Birmingham Midshires buy-to-let requirements.

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