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Barclays plc Update -Recent Section Changes

Change Date: 19/01/2019    |    Jurisdiction: England and Wales

5.14.9- If different from 1.11, contact point for matters connected with the lease:
Issuing Office, RPI increases to ground rent should be referred to the Issuing Office
Usually there must be adequate ground rent to ensure that the lessor has continuing interest in the property:

Peppercorn or low
ground rent may be accepted in the following circumstances:

• If the lessor is a Management Company and all the leaseholders are obliged
to be members so there is no merit in paying themselves a ground rent. Check that there are adequate provisions for repairs, maintenance, insurance etc. and an adequate maintenance charge.

• If
the lessor covenants do not require any positive action, e.g. in the case of maisonettes.

• If the lessor is the Local Authority

• If the lessor is a long established company and adequate repairing and other arrangements together with a maintenance charge are contained in the lease.

• If the lessor is a Housing Association or Local …
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