Change Date: 06/04/2018
Association: BSA
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
Index: v.2018 No.269

LENDERmonitor : Premium Content

Lender : West Bromwich Building Society



Sections changed by West Bromwich Building Society in the last twelve months


Lenders who have changed BSA or UK Finance Part 2 Instructions last year


Average Sections per day changed across all lenders

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Founded in 2008, Lexsure (formerly Conveycentric) has developed a family of products to assist lawyers in risk management, including CLIENTCAREmonitor, COMPLETIONmonitor and LENDERmonitor. Using smart technology, Lexsure offers lawyers visibility into their firm’s risk management, AML and OFR compliance performance.

Lexsure products – completely automated, comprehensive, and low-cost – ensure busy lawyers meet compliance and conveyance regulations with ease so that they can stay abreast of developments in both arenas.