About Lexsure


Founded in 2008, Lexsure is managed by a team of experts in law, IT, risk and compliance management.

Over 2000 law firms in England and Wales rely on Lexsure to help solicitors and conveyancers manage risk, ensure compliance, and act in the best interest of the client during property transactions.

Risk Mitigation Software

Lexsure has developed a family of software products to assist lawyers in risk management, including CLIENTCAREmonitor, COMPLETIONmonitor LENDERmonitor, e-ROT and ENQUIRYgenerator. Using smart technology, Lexsure offers lawyers visibility into their firm’s risk management, AML, OFR and Lender compliance performance. Lexsure products – completely automated, comprehensive, and low-cost – ensure busy lawyers meet regulatory obligations as well as mitigate conveyancing risks with ease and stay abreast of developments in both arenas.

Lender Compliance Audits

Lexsure’s compliance expertise and comprehensive database of lender requirements give Lexsure a unique ability to review conveyancing case files retrospectively. Our lender compliance audits assess whether each transaction was in line with lender instruction at the time of submission of the Certificate of Title, and if not, the extent of exposure it presents to the firm, its insurer and the lender.

Lexsure Academy

Lexsure Academy is a learning centre for property lawyers with a particular focus on risk management. The areas of focus include Lender Compliance, Risk, Reports on Title, Due Diligence, AML, Fraud, and Cybercrime. The Academy offers in-house training, online webinars as well as free ‘walk- throughs’ on some the most innovative risk management technologies available to firms in England and Wales.